Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Senate District 7

This seat has seen a consistent string of Republicans elected here.  Through most of the 90s, Don Henderson held the seat.  After him came Jon Lindsay, who held the seat for 10 years.  Then came radio personality Dan Patrick.  What can you say about a Senator who lists 2 of his 3 proudest pieces of legislation as, "...placing 'In God We Trust' permanently in the Senate chamber for the first time in history; placing 'Under God' in the state pledge..."  Your #1 proudest moment was being the interior decorator for the State Senate.  Your #2 proudest moment was editing the state pledge.  Glad to see his priorities are in order.


Romney - 66.8%; 196,383
Obama - 32%; 94,057

U.S. Senate
Cruz - 66.7%; 194,611
Sadler - 31%; 90,504

Which state best aligns with SD 7?  Hint, just cross the Red River.

That's right, it's Oklahoma.  Romney scored a margin of 33.54% there, and scored a margin of 34.8% in SD 7.  Cruz won it by 35.7%.

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