Sunday, July 27, 2014

Updated: Just Develop a Cure

Sometimes there are times that just make you think, "Is there some listening device installed on me."

Temple University must have been listening in.  Rather than suppressing the virus, researchers there have been able to eliminate HIV from human cells.

If someone is listening in on me again...I'd like $5 trillion.

This is going to sound so flippant, but let's face it, a cure or vaccine just needs to be developed for HIV/AIDS.

I come to this conclusion every time a news story talks about a rise in infection rates.  Today, Australia reported a 20-year high in HIV-rates.  The leading cause of these high rates in Australia has been attributed to unprotected sex.

Again, saying a cure needs to be developed is probably the understatement of the century.  And let me add another understatement, it's easier said than done, but it needs to be done. Why?

Basically, I come to this conclusion because people are 1) just plain stupid and/or 2) they act stupid (whether they think about it or not).

People are going to have unprotected sex.  People are then not going to get tested.  People are then going to inadvertently spread the virus.

Yes, this is a very simplified solution/explanation to a complex issue.  I know.  Some people may not get tested because what's the point of testing positive only to find out you have no way to afford the expensive drugs it costs to suppress(?), treat(?) the virus.

No matter what, to me, it all boils down to a simple solution: develop a cure.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who Wants to Be San Antonio Mayor?

We have now have four candidates for mayor.  Not exactly a surprise, we knew it was going to be from a select group of 10 people.

By next Tuesday we'll have our new mayor.

The City Council laid out the selection process last month, and it is so boring.

I was really hoping they might spice up the selection process with a Dating Show style selection.

Or even a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire San Antonio Mayor?

Let's face it, you know the council members are playing Let's Make a Deal right now.

As long as the city doesn't get Zonked...

Or to put it another, the City is collectively saying, "No Whammies, No Whammies, No Whammies...Stop!"