Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Mini-H-E-B Rant

Let me start off with the fact that I love H-E-B...BUT...

There is something that annoys me about not just H-E-B, but numerous other stores with the exact same problem.  It just so happens that this particular time, this incident occurred at H-E-B.

Anyone could probably guess my problem if all I said as "X items or fewer."

My problem is what is the point of these 10, 15, or 20 items or fewer checkout lanes if H-E-B (as well as other stores) are just going to let anyone checkout through them.

I had the unfortunate pleasure to be behind a customer in the 15 items or fewer lane and this person had 2 bags of groceries amounting to at least 25 items.  I'll be honest, I lost count past 20.

It offends me that H-E-B and other stores allow customers to go through these without telling them, politely, that, "I'm sorry, but this is the X items or fewer lane, you have too many items, you have to use one of the other lanes."

For anyone who says, "Well what about those people who only have 16 or 17 items?"

To those I respond with this, "What's the point of having these maximum item lanes if you're not going to abide by the rules?  And where does it stop? It's only a few items over.  It's only 5 items over.  It's only 10 items over, etc. etc."

Either 15 items or fewer means 15 items or fewer or else it means nothing and you might as well take out those lanes altogether.

I happen to think they really mean nothing.  Why?  Let me recount this little tale that I was a witness to...

A customer in front of me checked out of the 15 items or fewer lane with a basket full of groceries, at least 50 items.  The checkout girl politely told the woman that this was the 15 items or fewer lane. The customer rudely replied, "Well, I've already taken them out of the basket."  Said customer then went and complained to the manager.  The manager then came over the to checkout girl and told her not to refuse to checkout anyone.  (Essentially, it doesn't matter that it said 15 items or fewer, you can't stop them.)

After checking out, I went over to the manager and explained to her that in fact it was not the checkout girl who was rude, it was the customer.  I also complained that I don't appreciate that I follow the rules and get stuck behind these customers (and I'm thinking jackasses and assholes) who decide they just use whichever checkout lane they damn well please.

To conclude, either 15 items or fewer means 15 items or fewer or there's not point whatsoever to having those lanes and they should be removed. Checkout people should be able to tell customers, "No you have too many items and need to checkout at another lane" and then be secure in the knowledge that their managers will back them up.

If H-E-B is too afraid to tell people no, then I have an idea.  Why not invent a checkout machine that only will checkout X number of items or fewer?  After that checkout person scans in item #15 that machine stops accepting items and the customer has to pay.  And if someone comes up there with too many items, too bad.  They were warned ahead of time when it says X items or fewer.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Updated: Texas House 2017

Updated: We're now up to 12 House Reps not running for re-election. 3 Democrats and 8 Republicans.

Below is a Seniority listing of the House. Strikethroughs have passed on re-election.

Craddick Tom
Thompson Senfronia
Dutton, Jr. Harold
Smithee John
Oliveira Rene
Turner Sylvester
Naishtat Elliott
Coleman Garnet
Davis Yvonne
Giddings Helen
Farrar Jessica
Elkins Gary
Pickett Joe
Dukes Dawnna
Raymond Richard
McClendon Ruth Jones
Bonnen Dennis
Keffer Jim
King Tracy
Deshotel Joe
King Phil
Morrison Geanie
Alonzo Roberto
Crownover Myra
Geren Charlie
Martinez Fischer Trey
Hunter Todd
Riddle Debbie
Guillen Ryan
Smith Wayne
Flynn Dan
Hughes Bryan
Bohac Dwayne
Laubenberg Jodie
Cook Byron
Rodriguez Eddie
Phillips Larry
Allen Alma
Vo Hubert
Martinez Armando
Anderson Charles
Anchia Rafael
Otto John
Zedler Bill
Straus Joe
Hernandez Ana
Howard Donna
Farias Joe
King Susan
Zerwas John
Lucio, III Eddie
Aycock Jimmie Don
Parker Tan
Harless Patricia
Darby Drew
Herrero Abel
Gutierrez Roland
Walle Armando
Miller Doug
Alvarado Carol
Button Angie Chen
Fletcher Allen
Marquez Marisa
Murphy Jim
Miles Borris
Johnson Eric
Frullo John
Kuempel John
Huberty Dan
Sheets Kenneth
Workman Paul
Lozano J.M.
Price Four
White James
Munoz, Jr. Sergio
Davis Sarah
Isaac Jason
Simpson David
Larson Lyle
Burkett Cindy
Gonzales Larry
Reynolds Ron
Moody Joe
Turner Chris
Raney John
Guerra Bobby
Krause Matt
Gonzalez Mary
Sanford Scott
Bell, Jr. Cecil
Wu Gene
Schaefer Matt
Stickland Jonathan
Dale Tony
Thompson Ed
Turner Scott
Collier Nicole
Miller Rick
Springer Drew
Sheffield J.D.
Leach Jeff
Paddie Chris
Rodriguez Justin
Farney Marsha
Fallon Pat
Longoria Oscar
Stephenson Phil
Ashby Trent
Bonnen Greg
Capriglione Giovanni
Simmons Ron
Clardy Travis
Rose Toni
Goldman Craig
King Ken
Canales Terry
Nevarez Poncho
Frank James
Klick Stephanie
Kacal Kyle
Villalba Jason
Anderson Rodney
Israel Celia
Metcalf Will
Phelan Dade
Galindo Rick
Wray John
Schofield Mike
VanDeaver Gary
Keough Mark
Murr Andrew
Shaheen Matt
Rinaldi Matt
Landgraf Brooks
Spitzer Stuart
Koop Linda
Meyer Morgan
Pena Gilbert
White Molly
Blanco Cesar
Faircloth Wayne
Paul Dennis
Burrows Dustin
Tinderholt Tony
Romero, Jr. Ramon
Burns DeWayne
Bernal Diego
Schubert Leighton
Cyrier John
Minjarez Ina