Friday, October 18, 2013

Update: Rumor Mill Alert: Democratic Elected Official to Run for DA

By now the cat is out the bag that the countywide Democratic elected official considering the DA race is Judge Philip Kazen.

If Kazen decides to take the plunge, he won't have the race to himself. Local attorney Therese Huntzinger is also planning to run for the job.  It would be an interesting primary if it happened.  A sitting district judge versus an attorney who is female and gay.
The rumor mill has been turning recently.  The latest being that a countywide Democratic elected official may announce for District Attorney. I say announce because we're getting close to the filing deadline opening and closing.  Candidate filing opens Nov. 9 and closes Dec. 9.  At this stage a candidate mounting a challenge to an incumbent needs to get started.

Calls apparently are being made and feelers are being put out as to whether he should do it and what kind of support he would have.

Knowing the individual in question, we'd say that incumbent DA Susan Reed (R) would definitely be in for a fight.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

William Elmer, Tea Party bigot, lives in a national forest

If MyLife is to be believed, this is William Elmer.

The Teabagger is the spokesman for the Texas Ethics Advisory Board, previously mentioned here and here.

Again, if MyLife is to be believed, he is 80 years old and lives in Huntsville, TX.

Once again Mr. Elmer has decided that he needs to spread his bigotry outside his home in Huntsville.  See Mr. Elmer and his group are upset that their bigotry decreases every election.  So since they can't win at the ballot box, they choose other using the government to browbeat and scare their opponents into submission.  Once again San Antonio is in their cross hairs, specifically the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio.

If MyLife, along with official government documents are to be believed, Mr. Elmer's house is located within Sam Houston National Forest.   Believe it or not, there is a section of Huntsville located within Sam Houston National Forest, and there is a housing edition located on Elkins Lake.

Again, if MyLife and government documents are to be believed, this is Mr. Elmer's house.  Apparently he has Dish Network.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Updated2: Who Will be the New Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice?

Update: Rick Perry did elevate a current member of the court.  He chose Justice Nathan Hecht to be the new Chief Justice.  As we pointed out, his last pick for the court was a white male. 

The new question becomes who will replace Hecht?

Update: The question was answered a couple of weeks ago when Perry named 14th Court of Appeals Justice Jeff Brown.  Perry once again struck a blow for the marginalized white man.

With Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson stepping down, who will Rick Perry name as his replacement?

If he's going to elevate someone from within the court, my money is on Justice Eva Guzman.

1) She's a woman and Republicans haven't exactly been endearing themselves to female voters.  From the 2012 election to the special sessions on abortion.

2) She's Hispanic.  Another key voting group that Republicans haven't been too popular with, and even less so with Congressional opposition to the immigration bill.

Of the remaining 7 justices, all are Anglo, with 1 being female.

If he decides to go outside the court for a Chief Justice replacement and wants a woman or a minority...

On the 1st Court of Appeals, there are 5 women, 1 of which is Hispanic.

On the 2nd Court of Appeals, there are 5 women.

On the 3rd Court of Appeals, there is 1 woman.

On the 4th Court of Appeals, there are 3 women.

On the 5th Court of Appeals, there are 5 women, 1 of which is African-American.

On the 14th Court of Appeals, there are 5 women.

Again, my money is on Guzman to be elevated to Chief Justice, with the likelihood that one of these 24 women will be elevated to the Supreme Court.  If I had to guess Guzman's replacement, I would put money Rebecca Huddle from the 1st Court of Appeals (female and Hispanic).

In terms of Perry's appointments of the current court, his last one was a white male.  So anything is possible.

Monday, October 7, 2013

State House District 14

House District 14 is very similar to HD they should be.  The districts are right next to each other.  HD 14 covers the cities of College Station and Bryan in Brazos County.  This district is literally the Heart of Aggieland, and is represented by an A&M grad, John Raney.  When this district was located in Liberty County, it was represented by future Gov. Price Daniel.



Romney - 62.7%; 25,805
Obama - 34.8%; 14,332

U.S. Senate

Cruz - 63.1%; 25,649
Sadler - 32.9%; 13,382

Second verse, same as the first.

Like HD 12, this district best matched West Virginia in 2012.  Romney won WV by 26.76% and carried this district by 27.9%.  Cruz won here by 30.2%.