Friday, October 18, 2013

Update: Rumor Mill Alert: Democratic Elected Official to Run for DA

By now the cat is out the bag that the countywide Democratic elected official considering the DA race is Judge Philip Kazen.

If Kazen decides to take the plunge, he won't have the race to himself. Local attorney Therese Huntzinger is also planning to run for the job.  It would be an interesting primary if it happened.  A sitting district judge versus an attorney who is female and gay.
The rumor mill has been turning recently.  The latest being that a countywide Democratic elected official may announce for District Attorney. I say announce because we're getting close to the filing deadline opening and closing.  Candidate filing opens Nov. 9 and closes Dec. 9.  At this stage a candidate mounting a challenge to an incumbent needs to get started.

Calls apparently are being made and feelers are being put out as to whether he should do it and what kind of support he would have.

Knowing the individual in question, we'd say that incumbent DA Susan Reed (R) would definitely be in for a fight.

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