Friday, June 19, 2015

Texas Senate 2017

We already have 2 Senators who will not be returning for the 85th Legislative Session: Kevin Eltife & Troy Fraser.

Who knows, we may end up seeing a few more retirements.  Either by a Senator's own choosing, or by the voters choosing.

One of the factors when it comes to retirements is age. Of the 14 Senators still running for re-election in 2016, 7 are over the age of 60.

69 - Judith Zaffirini (D), Eddie Lucio (D), Juan Hinojosa (D)
67 - Jose Rodriguez (D)
64 - Sylvia Garcia (D)
63 - Jane Nelson (R)
61 - Rodney Ellis (D)
55 - Larry Taylor (R)
53 - Brian Birdwell (R), Charles Perry (R)
51 - Carlos Uresti (D)
50 - Lois Kolkhorst (R)
46 - Jose Menendez (D)
44 - Brandon Creighton (R)

Another factor to consider is Seniority.  Even though Democrats haven't been in the majority for a long time, Democratic Senators have stuck around for a while. You have to wonder though, with Lite Gov. Dan Patrick trying to relegate Democrats to an afterthought, how much longer some Democrats will want to stick around.  In any case, in terms of Seniority this is how it breaks down (Senators up for re-election in 2016 colored):

1. John Whitmire (D)
2. Judith Zaffirini (D)
3. Rodney Ellis (D)
4. Eddie Lucio (D)
5. Jane Nelson (R)
6. Royce West (D)
7. Troy Fraser (R)
8. Craig Estes (R)
9. Juan Hinojosa (D)
10. Kevin Eltife (R)
11. Kel Seliger (R)
12. Carlos Uresti (D)
13. Robert Nichols (R)
14. Kirk Watson (D)
15. Joan Huffman (R)
16. Brian Birdwell (R)
17. Jose Rodriguez (D)
18. Donna Campbell (R)
19. Kelly Hancock (R)
20. Larry Taylor (R)
21. Charles Schwertner (R)
22. Sylvia Garcia (D)
23. Brandon Creighton (R)
24. Charles Perry (R)
25. Lois Kolkhorst (R)
26. Don Huffines (R)
27. Van Taylor (R)
28. Bob Hall (R)
29. Paul Bettencourt (R)
30. Konni Burton (R)
31. Jose Menendez (D)

Who'll be the next Senator to pull the rip cord? It's anyone's guess.