Friday, February 22, 2013

Senate District 5

During most of the 90s this seat was held by Democrat Jim Turner, who later went on to become Congressman Jim Turner.  Unfortunately he got caught in the cross hairs of Tom DeLay and his political career came to an end.  After Turner, Steve Ogden won the Senate District 5 seat.  With Ogden's retirement a new Republican takes over, State Rep. Charles Schwertner.  With Schwernter, that'll be at least 3 doctors in the Senate.


Romney - 63.1%; 181,385
Obama - 34.5%; 99,176

U.S. Senate
Cruz - 61.4%; 173,527
Sadler - 34.3%; 97,048

Which state was the closest match?

West Virginia.  Romney's margin in West Virginia was 26.76%.  He won SD 5 by 28.6% and Cruz won it by 27.1%.

After looking at 5 Senate districts, even the most densest of Democrats can begin to see the problem that plagues us in this state.  Instead of Senate districts with Republican margins of less than 10%, i.e., states like North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, & Missouri, you're seeing districts with some of the most extreme Republican margins.  The 5 states that gave Romney his largest margins in 2012 were Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Idaho, and West Virginia.  The states most closely matching Senate Districts 1-5? Utah, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

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