Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Senate District 2

As recently as 2000, Senate District 2 elected a Democrat, David Cain.  It's always funny to look at past maps of districts.  Cain held this seat through most of the 90s.  Prior to him, Republican Florence Shapiro represented District 2, when Collin County was part of this district.  Collin County got replaced with Dallas County, Shapiro moved to another district and Cain won this seat.  Then in 2002, redistricting struck and Republican Bob Deuell was elected.  Funny enough, Deuell was who Cain beat in 2000.  Although a conservative Republican, Deuell has seemed opened to facts, at least when regarding allowance of needle exchange programs.  Since coming out against Obamacare, it'll be interesting to see if Deuell, a doctor, retreats into being against a needle exchange (i.e., any type of health care program that looks liberal or Democratic).


Romney - 63.2%; 161,348
Obama - 35.5%; 90,500

U.S. Senate
Cruz - 61.5%; 154,469
Sadler - 35.8%; 89,756

Which state(s) most closely matched the margin?

One of the more newly Republican states, West Virginia most closely matched District 2.  Romney carried West Virginia by 26.76%.  Romney won District 2 by 27.7% and Cruz by 25.7%.

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