Friday, March 1, 2013

Senate District 10

We come to our first and only competitive district.  During the 90s this district was in 3 counties: Johnson, Parker, & Tarrant.  Republican Chris Harris represented District 10 at the time. After the 2001 redistricting, this district shifted to be wholly within Tarrant County and Republican Kim Brimer represented it until 2009.  With changing demographics and an increased turnout, Democrats captured the seat with star candidate Wendy Davis.  The big test for Davis will be if she can win re-election in a non-presidential year.  The good news, she ran ahead of the President Obama in both '08 and '12 and got almost the same vote totals both times. 2008: 147,832.  2012: 147,103.



Romney - 53.3%; 155,936
Obama - 45.4%; 132,707

U.S. Senate

Cruz - 53.1%; 153,424
Sadler - 44.5%; 128.536

Which state fits this competitive district?  Hint: I've got you on my mind

Hard to pick either Willie or Ray, so I went with both.

Romney carried Georgia by 7.82%.  He won SD 10 by 7.9% and Cruz carried by 8.6%.

We've already mentioned one of the problem for Democrats...too many districts that have high margins of Republican winning percentages.  Here's the second problem that goes along with that...not enough districts that are competitive.  If you had more Georgia-like districts...

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