Monday, March 4, 2013

Senate District 11

Senate District 11 has definitely moved around.  First being based in Galveston, it moved north to Nacogdoches, then west to Waco, then north to Dallas, and finally coming back to Galveston and Houston.  SD 11 has had 1 Governor (Elisha Pease), 1 Congresswoman (Barbara Jordan), and 1 Land Commissioner (Jerry Patterson).  Since the 90s this district has been based in the Houston and Galveston areas (specifically Brazoria, Galveston, & Harris counties).  Democrat Chet Brooks represented the district from 1967 until his defeat in 1992 to Republican Jerry Patterson. Patterson held the seat until he left to run for Land Commissioner in 1998.  Patterson lost that race in the primary to David Dewhurst.  Republican Mike Jackson took over and held this seat until its current occupant, Republican Larry Taylor, took over this year.



Romney - 65.1%; 184,101
Obama - 33.5%; 94,893

U.S. Senate

Cruz - 64.1%; 180,086
Sadler - 33.3%; 93,430

French Fries anyone?

The state this district matches is Idaho.  Romney scored a margin of 31.91% in Idaho and won this district by 31.6%.  Cruz won here by 30.8%.

As recently as 2008 (and before redistricting), Republican Mike Jackson was held to a 56% - 41% margin.  A daunting 15% margin to be sure, but much better than the 66% - 34% margin Taylor won by this past year.  Who knows?  With population growth, we could see this district become competitive.

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