Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Wants to be Pct. 3 JP?

Under nearly everyone's radar, Bexar County is playing host to its own version of American Idol.  In place of contestants singing their way into contention, we have politicos vying to be the last one standing in the game of Who Wants to be Pct. 3 JP?

Instead of the crusty and irascible Simon Cowell we have Commissioner Kevin Wolff.  Standing in for Randy Jackson, pre-gastric bypass, we have Commissioner Paul Elizondo; for Randy Jackson, post-gastric bypass, we have County Judge Nelson Wolff.  Rather than Paula Abdul, we have Commissioners Chico Rodriguez and Tommy Adkisson.

Who will they pick?

Democrats have a 4-1 majority on the court...but the vacancy comes in Precinct 3 which is heavily Republican and is mostly Kevin Wolff's area.  Will the Democrats pick a Democrat for the sake of adding another Democratic official...even though said official is likely going to lose (if they run for election) next time the seat is up?  Will Democrats defer to Kevin?  Will Democrats pick a Republican placeholder?  Or how about a Republican who won't seek higher office?

Ooooo the intrigue...

Who are the contestants?

Altogether there are 33 people vying for the JP spot.

Leading the pack are probably two former officials: Karen Crouch (D) and Jeff Wentworth (R).

Karen Crouch: former County Court-at-Law Judge for 16 years.

Jeff Wentworth: soon-to-be former State Senator, he previously served as a county commissioner and a state rep.

In the second tier...

Robert Behrens (R): attorney, mostly recently seen losing in the Republican primary for the 175th District Court race.

Ann Comerio (R): attorney and twice rejected by Bexar County voters.  In 2008, she lost to Cathy Stone for Chief Justice of the 4th Court of Appeals.  This year, she lost in the Republican primary for the 166th District Court race, coming in last.

William Peche (D): ran for this seat in 2010.

Kim Pettit (R):  attorney and like Comerio, also lost in the Republican primary for the 166th District Court race...although he did make it to the runoff. 

Fernando Reyes: if it's the Fernando Reyes, he's a prominent businessman who has also been El Rey Feo

Adrian A. Spears, II: attorney and likely son of former federal district judge Adrian Spears

In the third tier:

Laurence Henry Alberts: ?

Rene Carlo Benavides: attorney

Kenneth Bennight, Jr.: most recently seen as a City Attorney for San Antonio

Cheryl Dietert: ?

Robert Featherson: attorney

Kirk Francis: currently the mayor of Hill County Village

Daniel Fucci: badly named candidate.  The first Google result for "Daniel Fucci" pulls up an article from the Gainesville Sun titled, "Man gets 40 years for baseball bat beatings"

Michael John Good: ?

Kurtis Goslin: another badly named candidate.  The first Google result for "Kurtis Goslin" pulls up an article from New Jersey titled,"Salem City man arrested, charged with torching car"

Mario Gutierrez: attorney

Kathleen Hurren: attorney

Marshall Lloyd: attorney and Chair of the Criminal Justice Dept. at San Antonio College

Bernie Martinez: attorney

Morgan Matthew Matson: attorney

Anthony Miller: attorney

Morris Munoz: attorney

James Peden: ?

Thomas Quirk: attorney

Brenda Rea: attorney

Alexander Roig: attorney

Carl Thomas Stolhandske: attorney

Gerald Uretsky: attorney

Robert Valdespino: attorney

Richard Woods: attorney

Matthew Wymer: attorney

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