Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fun With Word Clouds

While we have finished our elections in this country (at least for a few months anyway), there are political contests going on all over the world.  One of those places is Canada where the Liberal Party is going to be picking a new leader who will try to lead the Liberals out of 3rd place federally.

Not being Canadian, but enjoying politics, it might be fun to at least just take a gander at what is going on by having Fun With Word Clouds.  We took the 5 officials candidates (according to the LPC website) and word clouded their vision/message for Canada.  All but Coyne, were taken from their launch speeches. Like politicians here in this country, they seem to like talking about their own country.

For anyone not familiar, word clouding is just taking something like a speech and seeing which words were used the most.  The more often a word was used, the larger it is. 

Deborah Coyne, attorney, professor, and author.

Marc Garneau, former astronaut and current MP for Westmount - Ville-Maire.

Martha Hall Findlay, attorney and former MP for Willowdale.

Joyce Murray, businesswoman and current MP for Vancouver Quadra.

Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and current MP for Papineau.

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