Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Number for the Day

Number for the day: 3,308,124

Significance?  It's the number of votes Barack Obama received in the state of Texas for the 2012 election.

Texas Democrats PAY ATTENTION!

3,308,124 votes was enough for every statewide Democratic candidate in 2010 to win.  You heard that right.  If every 2012 Obama voter had voted for all the statewide Democrats in 2010, Republicans would have only won 3 statewide races (because there were no Democrats running in those particular races).

Not to rub salt into a wound, but who would Democrats have been celebrating?

Governor Bill White, by a margin of 570,643 votes
Lite Gov. Linda Chavez-Thompson, by a margin of 259,015 votes
Attorney General Barbara Ann Radnofsky, by a margin of 157,060 votes
Land Commissioner Hector Uribe, by a margin of 306,388 votes
Agriculture Commissioner Hank Gilbert, by a margin of 354,349 votes
Railroad Commissioner Jeff Weems, by a margin of 427,359 votes
Supreme Court Justice Jim Sharp, by a margin of 400,328 votes
Supreme Court Justice Bill Moody, by a margin of 404,765 votes
Supreme Court Justice Blake Bailey, by a margin of 389,070 votes
Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Keith Hampton, by a margin of 402,112 votes

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