Friday, December 21, 2012

Cryin' Time

Break out the handkerchiefs.  It's Cryin' Time again for Republicans.  First, the Crier in Chief John Boehner was denied Plan B by the Republican Caucus.  Apparently Republicans don't like Plan B when it comes to contraception and they don't like Plan B when it comes to the budget.

Boehner brought this on himself.  He let the Tea Party Republicans takeover during the debt ceiling debate.  What was always just a routine vote turned into a monster.  Boehner couldn't control his caucus during the debt ceiling debacle and now the chickens are coming home to roost.  The Republicans wanted that debt ceiling deal (no ceiling raise without cuts) and now they're shocked that it's coming to fruition.

Second, Texas House Speaker candidate David Simpson is all upset because someone was mean to him.  You can almost hear the tears welling up when he says, "These tactics exemplify what’s wrong with ‘politics as usual’ in Texas right now. … We must leave behind the politics of whispered insinuations, intimidation, and retribution."

I guess he prefers the Tea Party way of doing things...yell insinuations like a mob, use mob intimidation, and mob retribution.  Pretty much, just act like they did during the health care debate.

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