Monday, December 3, 2012

Wanted: A Competent SBOE Member

San Antonio Express-News columnist Brian Chasnoff recently featured the new SBOE member Marisa Perez in his latest piece.

To sum up the piece, if you had a bad opinion of Perez after she unexpectedly won the primary, she seems to have done nothing to change opinions.  When a TEA spokesperson has to reach out to a columnist in order to get in touch with an elected official, something is wrong.

Perez was far and away the worst Democratic candidate on the ballot and should easily be primaried when she comes up for re-election.

She is wholly unqualified for the job and doesn't seem to have the maturity necessary to carry out the duties required of her.  Her judgement is lacking, as well as her transparency.

She violates the spirit of the Education Code, Ch. 7, Sec. 7.103, part c:
Sec. 7.103. ELIGIBILITY FOR MEMBERSHIP. (a) A person is not eligible for election to or service on the board if the person holds an office with this state or any political subdivision of this state.
(b) A person may not be elected from or serve in a district who is not a bona fide resident of the district with one year's continuous residence before election. A person is not eligible for election to or service on the board unless the person is a qualified voter of the district in which the person resides and is at least 26 years of age.
(c) A person who is required to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 305, Government Code, by virtue of the person's activities for compensation in or on behalf of a profession, business, or association related to the operation of the board, may not serve as a member of the board or act as the general counsel to the board.

By taking a government relations position with SAISD it shows an extreme lack of judgement and immaturity on Perez' part.  If she doesn't violate Part C, she at least violates the spirit.

This is not the type of person who should be holding public office and she should be defeated for re-election.

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