Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Israeli Elections, Vote Labor

Israelis are voting to decide who will be the next Prime Minister.  It's expected that Benjamin Netanyahu will continue as PM.

What's interesting is reading some of the stories from around the world.  The focus is either an election that will be decided on the peace process or one decided on the economy and social issues.

From the ABC News (Australia), an election that is focused on the peace process and the increase in seats of a far-right party.

From the BBC News, an election that is focused on the economy and social issues, but with a rising far-right party.

If I able to vote, I'd probably vote for Shelly Yachimovich and Labor.  The Global Times profiled the head of the Labor Party and the likely Leader of the Opposition.

The latest poll that came out on Jan. 18 had Labor winning 17 seats.

Likud - Yisrael Beiteinu - 32
Labor - 17
Yesh Atid - 13
Jewish Home - National Union - 12
Shas - 11
Hatnuah - 8
UTJ - 6
Meretz - 6
UAL - Ta'al - 4
Hadash - 4
Balad - 3
Kadima - 2
Otzma LeYisrael - 2

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