Monday, January 28, 2013

Are Hillary Supporters Doing More Harm Than Good?

An alternative title to this could be "Too Much Bee Gees."  First the video:

Second the question: Are Hillary supporters risking a Too Much Bee Gees backlash?

She's not even out of the job of Secretary of State and we already have a Super PAC, Ready for Hillary, popping up.  Couldn't we have at least waited until she was official out of her post?

It's also kind of ironic.  I can't recall it being explicitly said, but it was heavily inferred that the supporters of Obama had an almost unhealthy worship of him and were blinded by his rhetoric.  A lot of people may remember the event in Rhode Island where Hillary seemed to mock Obama and his supporters:

How are these supporters of Hillary any different?  Like the Obama supporters, they are just as dedicated, loyal, faithful, and gung-ho about their candidate.

From Marc Ambinder:
ReadyForHillary aims to have its ducks in a row should Clinton decide to press go on a 2016 bid. It will serve as a virtual gathering place for supporters and donors. When prominent Democrats like Donna Brazile offer their endorsements — like Brazile did today in a tweet — the organization, which already claims close to 50,000 Twitter followers, will document them and push them out to the world.

And why the name? It was chosen, according to someone involved in the group, because everyone seems "Ready for Hillary." 
To be honest, I'm not ready for anyone.  We've just come through a presidential election and we have a midterm to get through.  To be honest, anytime someone mentions the 2016 Presidential Race, I want to vomit.

Are Hillary backers risking a Too Much Bee Gees backlash?

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