Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun with Word Clouds - Gov. Maggie Hassan (D-NH)

Across the country this month the winners of the November elections are being sworn in.  Democrat Maggie Hassan became Governor of New Hampshire today.  Here's a word cloud of her inauguration speech.  She seems to like the state of New Hampshire and people.

My disappointment with Hassan is that during her inaugural address, she has reiterated her opposition to a state income tax, as well as a state sales tax.  Although not a New Hampshire voter, I was rooting for her opponent in the primary, State Sen. Jackie Cilley.

From the Concord Monitor's endorsement of Cilley, back during the primary:
Nonetheless, two contrasts are telling and tip the scales in favor of Cilley.
First, while Cilley is not specifically advocating any new tax, she will not limit debate over state spending and revenue by taking any options off the table. Hassan has chosen to take the traditional pledge to veto a broad-based sales or income tax - a tired and damaging tradition that keeps New Hampshire from facing its most vexing problems fairly and rationally.

Second, Cilley rejects the notion of amending the New Hampshire Constitution to weaken the requirement that the state pay the basic cost of educating every child. Under the right circumstances, Hassan would be willing to support an amendment that permits targeting education aid in a manner not currently permitted.
We've seen the damage caused by Grover Norquist and his tax pledges.  Have we learned nothing?

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