Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Update: Blood in the Water? Queen of Hearts D.A. is Upset

Update: According to a press release from the LaHood campaign, the ads that Reed tried to get yanked are now back on the air.

Word is that our own local Queen of Hearts, aka D.A. Susan Reed, is apoplectic that attorney Thomas J. Henry's donations to Democratic D.A. candidate Nico LaHood is up from nearly $700,000 to $1.2 million.

If anyone saw the the debate between LaHood and Her Majesty that was moderated by Rick Casey, one can't help but feel she was one step away from screaming, "Off With His Head!"

Now Reed has issued a royal proclamation that has resulted in a LaHood ad being pulled.

Henry pumping over a million dollars into the race. Reed getting an ad pulled. I think someone smells blood in the water.

For all of Reed's bellowing, one has to wonder: If someone or some thing, like a business, offered to pump a million dollars into the D.A.'s race on Reed's behalf, would she say no?  What donation is too large?  What if a donor gave her $50,000 each month for a year?  Would that $600,000 be acceptable because it wasn't all at one time?

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