Thursday, October 9, 2014

Express-News Headline: Guilty for Life

Today the Express-News endorsed Susan Reed for District Attorney (surprise, surprise).

While the endorsement of Reed was a foregone conclusion, I take issue with this portion of the Express-News' endorsement:
LaHood’s arrest in 1994 for selling 200 Ecstasy pills to an undercover officer at a gentleman’s club is cause for major concern. The case resulted in deferred adjudication so there is no permanent conviction on his record, but it is not the type of incident that fits comfortably on the résumé of anyone seeking the top prosecutor’s job.

The involvement of Thomas J. Henry in the LaHood campaign is deeply disturbing. The plaintiff lawyer’s gargantuan contribution of nearly $700,000 to LaHood’s campaign effort is unheard of in a local race and raises serious questions about LaHood’s judgment.
The message is loud and clear.  On the first point, a person's mistakes are never forgiven and they are forever emblazoned with a scarlet letter.  Message to young people: don't screw up, you'll never get over it.  As we've said before, it would be a nice change at the D.A.'s office if there was someone in charge who saw the justice system from the perspective of not just a prosecutor, but also a defendant. 

To the second point, some how I bet if we delved into the Express-News' archives we'd find plenty of candidates they endorsed who received "gargantuan" contributions from a few contributors.

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