Saturday, August 3, 2013

State House District 127

House District 127 has been around since 1912/1913.  For one term, 1921-1923, this district was represented by a member of the American Party.  The party was created by Governor Pa Ferguson in 1920 when he ran for the presidency, but was only on the ballot in Texas.  HD 127 was based in Bastrop County and represented only by Democrats.  Since its move to Harris County its only been represented by Republicans.  Since 2011, Republican Dan Huberty has represented this district.



Romney: 69.2%; 46,110
Obama: 29.6%; 19,722

U.S. Senate

Cruz: 69%; 45,635
Sadler: 28.8%; 19,059

So which state goes here?

Wyoming.  This is one of 9 State House districts that closely matched Wyoming's presidential percentage.  Romney carried Wyoming by 40.82% and he won this district by 39.6%.  Cruz won this district by 40.2%.

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