Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rumor Mill Alert: Susan Reed Getting a Primary Challenger?

The rumor mill is churning and word on the street is that Bexar County DA Susan Reed (R) may face a primary challenge.

The potential challenger is District Judge Sid Harle (R).

Since at least 1994, Harle has never faced a general election challenge.

This could be a really fun primary to watch...if you're a Democrat.

In one corner you have a longtime Republican judge who hasn't been challenged in a long, long time, politically speaking.

In the other corner you have a Republican DA who has had opposition and will likely be prepared for a primary fight.

Judge Harle presides over the 226th District Court, a criminal court.  He deals with the DA's office on a daily basis.  So the question: What is it about the DA's office that's troubling him enough to get him to run against Reed?

Maybe this is the year Democrats recruit a strong Democrat to run.

It should be noted that Gilbert Garcia covered this issue last month in the Express-News, even suggesting Harle might run as a Democrat.

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