Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to the Past

Once again Bexar County Democrats have gotten themselves into a pickle.

The warning signs were there, but as usually happens with Bexar County Democrats a small minority, but yet at the same a majority, said, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

Anybody who has been around the party long enough knows that for some reason we can't stand to have leadership that actually works.

A person spends over $100,000 for a position that doesn't pay.  Then tries to buy endorsements.  And still hasn't figured out that the county chair is responsible for organizing the county for the Democratic Party, not making policy.  Now starts off his term with committed outright lies while campaigning.  From the Express-News:
“The first vote that I ever cast, ever, was for Barack Obama, and I am very proud of that,” Medina said. During a second interview, he recalled casting his ballot during early voting at South Park Mall on the South Side.
Turns out that wasn't true:
However, records from the Bexar County Elections Department and the Texas Secretary of State show Medina was first registered to vote in October 2009 and cast his first ballot that November.

When first asked about the discrepancy, Medina asked for time to get his “timeline straight.”
He added: “I mean, I know I was here in '08… I know I was here helping defeat Lyle Larson,” who was running for Congress against Democrat Ciro Rodriguez at the time.
His explanation:
He later said he had confused the 2009 state constitutional amendment election with the historic 2008 presidential election.
According to the Bexar County Elections Department, there were 53,208 votes cast in the 2009 Constitutional Amendment election.  Assuming he didn't vote in the one River Authority race and the races for Von Ormy Aldermen, the only choices on the ballot were "For" or "Against".  In 2008, there were 530,278 votes cast in the Presidential election.  I personally had to wait in line to vote in both the primary and general election.  That's the only time I have ever had to do that.  And that was during early voting.  That's been the only election I've ever had to do that with.  How do you confuse a low turnout constitutional amendment election with a high turnout presidential election?

And yes, I do remember my first election that I voted in, the 2002 Democratic Primary, and I remember who I voted for in all the contested races.

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