Friday, March 2, 2012

Manuel Medina Buying Endorsements

Or he's attempting to buy endorsements.

When we first came out with our ratings on this race we said 2 peppers for the general public and 5 peppers for Democratic activists, donors, insiders, etc.  Seems like a good call.  While the Express-News has ignored the race, Plaza de Armas hasn't.

A new article from PdA talks about the County Chair endorsement meeting of Stonewall Democrats.  If you haven't, you should get a subscription to PdA.

Here's the opening paragraph:
Precisely when did things start to get testy Sunday at the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio’s candidate-endorsement meeting? By most accounts, it was the moment Manuel Medina, challenger for Bexar County Democratic Party chair, strolled into the Downtown Luby’s with 40 soon-to-be-new members who all – coincidentally enough – supported his candidacy. Medina’s contingent doubled the turnout, and the candidate came in ready to pay the $35 membership fees for each of his followers.

That's right.  The candidate who in another PdA article talked about "turning the page" seems to be employing some pretty old school dirty tricks tactics when it comes to the County Chair race.  Medina seems to be turning the page alright, he just seems to be turning it back to a time of "Vote for me and I'll pay you."  And this isn't the first time.  He attempted to buy the endorsement of the Young Democrats.  Unfortunately for Medina, they require 30 days before new members can vote.  As PdA notes, "...he declined to pay his friends' membership fees."  In case you're wondering, Medina failed in his attempt to buy the Stonewall Democrats' endorsement.

One other casualty in this race looks to be one of Medina's supporters.  Former City Council candidate Chris Forbrich is not doing himself any favors with his support of Medina.

Medina is rumored to be wealthy.  It looks like he's really going to try and buy this position.  In addition, there was a candidate forum at the North East Democrats meeting between the two county chair candidates.  During a portion of Medina's presentation he was verbally accused of lying by one of the audience members.

Trying to buy endorsements, lying at candidate forums...the first word that comes to mind is sleazy.  And is that really the image Bexar County Democrats want to project?  Especially after the stolen money and Dan Ramos sagas.

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